Sunday, December 18, 2016

CW's Epic (?) Crossover 'Invasion' : Review

I'm not happy people, and yes, I'm a few weeks behind as I recorded the crossover when it aired and just watched last week. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love the fantastic superhero lineup on the CW. Or at least I did when they all first started. Let me explain. Arrow was the first of the four to air back in 2012, and it pulled me right in at the beginning. I was a loyal viewer. The brooding billionaire playboy with that body? Yes, I was hooked. For a while. The first two seasons had me captivated, and I never missed an episode. Season three began however and suddenly, I wasn't so thrilled with the show. I forced myself to finish the season but didn't return to it when it came back in the fall. I felt they went way off the rails and I couldn't bring myself to continue. 

When The Flash began in 2014, I wasn't expecting to fall in love with the show. This was a character I knew practically nothing about and I sat down to watch it because I saw a preview and found myself intrigued by the banter amongst the supporting cast. I was hooked from that first episode. I adored Grant Gustin as Barry Allen, the always late CSI in love with his best friend/sort of sister. I still adore Barry. He's probably my favorite out of all the comic book shows that are popping up now. I have never felt let down by an episode of this show, never. Until this year's 'epic' crossover. I'll get back to that in a bit. I'm not planning on giving up on this show by any means, but I hope they turn things around after the overall blech feeling I was left with after the crossover. 

I have to be honest and admit that when Legends of Tomorrow began earlier this year, I didn't care so much. I didn't tune in. I was never a big fan of the characters being showcased (with the exception of Snart) and so I skipped it. My roommate kept telling me to watch and I would say no way, pal. They're not pulling me into another show. No. And then the first season showed up on Netflix streaming and I shrugged and decided why the hell not. It's not ever going to be my favorite show. There are moments that I groan at the unending cheesiness that boils up and over on a pretty consistent basis. But I heard they were going to do this epic crossover so I wanted to check it out. Meh. That's pretty much where I stand on this show. 

And lastly, we have my love/hate relationship with Supergirl. This show started out on a different channel and my roommate again would tell me I should check it out, even if it was only to laugh at it with him occasionally. I've never been a Superman/Supergirl fan really so I didn't find it difficult to ignore this show. Then I heard it was coming to the CW and I thought, maybe it's not so bad? The first season showed up on Netflix. I almost gave up MANY times. So. Many. Times. I found the cheesiness even worse than on Legends at some points. I did like the characters, especially the lead and her friend Winn. My roommate said to keep on track and finish the season, by the time Barry Allen shows up, you'll be hooked he said. He's such a liar. Barry showed up in episode 18. It took 18 episodes for the show to become good enough that I wanted to keep watching it. Just in time for it to be over for the season. But I stuck it out and I've been watching this season as well and while I find myself rolling my eyes a lot, I do like it.

Onto the crossover disaster they foisted on us this season. I realize they're limited by Supergirl inhabiting another Earth and all, but I don't think they should have been allowed to call that a part of the crossover at all. It was two minutes at the very end of that episode. I am dying to see Cisco, Felicity and Winn together, I can't help it. I love them. Ahem. Breaking it down point by point won't work here because I don't do spoilers. Suffice it to say, I wasn't impressed with the overall storyline of the alien invasion. There were parts that felt rushed and others that felt like they dragged on FOREVER and were so blatantly ridiculous that I had trouble with them (and I love comic books and I know you have to stop thinking realistically, I do). Everything felt very 'on the nose' and I just did not like it. I'm happy Supergirl now has a way to call them for help. That's wonderful, but that feels like the only decent thing that came out of these three episodes of dreck. Do better next time please, Greg Berlanti & associates, because I know you can. 

This is a rating of the crossover as a whole and maybe my expectations were too high, but here we are either way: 

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