Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Flash Season 3: Mel's Review

I just finished binge watching season 3 of The Flash on Netflix and I'm really not happy. Once upon a time, this show was my absolute favorite of the comic book hero lineup on the CW.  I gave up on Arrow long ago, Supergirl is just too cheesy for me to handle, especially since Calista Flockhart isn't on regularly anymore. The Flash was all I had left. I was waiting to be wowed as I had been the previous two seasons. But, even though I tried to hide it from myself, I wasn't excited about any part of the story this season. The first episode left me with a lot of question marks and some annoyance. It seemed to me that something as complicated as an alternate timeline and a new past/future should be given more than one episode to be played out. 

Unfortunately, that seems to have been the formula for season 3. There was no continuity, no story that really carried over the whole season. At least not one that I cared about very much. I wasn't invested in any of it. I had to force myself to keep watching. One of my biggest issues was Barry, himself. When did he start making the SAME mistakes over and over again? When did he become so selfish and when did he lose sight of the big picture? It felt just very wrong. Overall, I was very unsatisfied with this season. The highs in my opinion: Tom Felton as Julian was absolutely fantastic. Cisco, played by the wonderful Carlos Valdes was perfection, as always. Tom Cavanaugh continues to blow me away with the way he can brilliantly portray so many faces of Harrison Wells. That was it, though. The rest fell flat and now I'm not sure if I'll continue watching the show or not. 

Overall, I give it an abysmal: 
(2.5 rounded up)

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